Cheapie Theatre: Because Why Not?

Here pretty much exists because I like Neocities as concept and 'wait, free? I'm in' followed by 'aw no I don't have any ideas for a website that's not just a rehash of my blog.' Oops. Still, it's here, it's a thing. This is something me from twenty years ago would have gone ballistic over. Come to think of it I had tried making a geocities page way back, and drew a blank back then too. Guess some things never change.

Why a Static Site?

Pretty much 'because I can' really. I write, I have things I want to say, but it all goes on my blog. Here? Here is a one offf that will act as a hub for other things. Eventually iwant to put my fiction up as links from here, and anything else I happen to want to link to.

I picked Neocities both because 'hey free site', and because backbefore everyone realized Tom Wheeler was going to come down in favor of net neutrality they stood up for the sort of openness I happen to agree with.

Links to My Stuff.

Because this is mostly just a landing page for static information.

My Blog. Not as often updated as I would like, but it's basically where I post about whatever holds my interest in the moment.

My Engine Heart Site. It basically came about because the creator of Engine Heart RPG had his site go down for a bit and most of the PDFs were unavalible. Don't worry it's all legally free to download stuff. Basically Engine Heart is a tabletop RPG about robots trying to figure out 'what now' since humans stopped being a thing.

Links to Other People's Stuff.

Lifehacker. Site that does Tips, Opinion Pieces, and actually is somewhat useful from time to time.

Hackaday. These guys generally deal with technical DiY stuff, but occasionally have articles about why things work, links to relavent videos on how things are made, and is interesting if you want to understand more about computers and or electronics.

BoingBoing. Pretty much a blog that posts a lot of weird and or interesting things. Has Cory Doctorw working as one of their frequent posters.

XKCD. Stickfigure webcomic that's been going for a fiarly long time. Posts geeky and or math related jokes. Occasionally does cool infographs, maps, and other amusing one offs.

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